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We are the professional brass CNC machining parts, hot forging parts, brass pipings and brass ftting supplier. Klikkon can supply the total solution from the development & design of new products to manufacturing & assembling for diverse requirements.

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Brass Nipples

A nipple is a small piece of short pipe that has two ends with male pipe threads. It is used to connect female threaded pipes or fittings. Length is measured according to the overall length including the threads. Although most nipples have unthreaded areas, there are also “close nipples” where the whole piece is threaded, making it virtually invisible when connected to fittings with female pipe threads. When you need a brass pipe nipple to complete a water connection, install a new kitchen faucet, or finish other potable water installations, you've come to the right place. Offered in a huge array of sizes and lengths, Klikkon brass nipples can be used for many installations where water is going to be used for human consumption. For the more health conscious, they can even be used for showers, tubs, etc. - anywhere water comes into contact with the users. 

Buy Premium Quality Brass Nipples from a Reliable Supplier

Klikkon Industry Co., Ltd offers superior quality brass nipples that are designed and manufactured to meet the highest industry standards. As a one-stop resource for all plumbing necessities, we have fittings in various lengths and sizes available to make shopping more convenient for you. Klikkon Industry is known as one of the most reliable suppliers and manufacturers of brass nipples and other plumbing accessories in China. Countless companies have turned to us for high-quality products that will meet their residential and industrial needs. You are assured in the knowledge that when you source your brass fittings, brass nipples, and other plumbing essentials from us, you will join a wide network of businesses that have found our services more than satisfactory. Klikkon has a good reputation for providing world-class products at excellent prices. Our brass nipples, for example, are made of the finest quality brass and have exceptional finishing characteristics. They are easy to install and create a tight seal. We offer them in various lengths and sizes to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients. We measure our success according to the number of satisfied clients we have, which is why we always make it a point to manufacture our products in the best way possible and provide you with the outstanding customer service that you deserve.

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