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We are the professional brass CNC machining parts, hot forging parts, brass pipings and brass ftting supplier. Klikkon can supply the total solution from the development & design of new products to manufacturing & assembling for diverse requirements.

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Brass Fitting Supplier

Klikkon Industry Co., Ltd is a reliable brass fitting supplier in China. We have been manufacturing and distributing quality brass fittings at very attractive prices for years. Today we manage over 8000 items, and we supply fittings for valued customers all over the world. At Klikkonbrass, we believe in three things: producing quality products, having competitive prices, and providing exceptional customer service. As a global supplier and leading manufacturer of brass fittings that are plumbing necessities, we make sure that every product that leaves our doors are up to the highest industry standards.

Professional and Reliable Brass Fitting Supplier in China

We have established a reputation as one of the best brass fitting supplier in the industry for prompt service, superior quality, and competitive pricing. When you come to us with your requirements, you can be sure that what you will get is rock solid. From creating custom compression fittings to providing standard 45 degree flares, we have a variety of products in brass, aluminum, bronze, and more.

Our inventory is always stocked. Clients can get in touch with us and order what they want and get what they need on time. For urgent orders, we offer overnight and express shipping. If you need something of a particular dimension and material that is not in our catalog, we can review your part drawing or sample fitting and manufacture an exact replica. Because we know how important it is to get things done right and promptly in your line of work, our delivery is always on schedule.

Brass is a metal which is flexible, appealing metal machine able and are additionally impervious to erosion. Brass has Copper, Zinc, Chromium to a degree which makes it rust evidence, Lead in brass makes it machine able. Copper, Zinc with a blend of aluminum makes it flexible, even impervious to dezincification which implies brass can be utilized for fittings which can be presented to a soluble situation, which can pass a high level of Chloride tests. The brass fitting supplier is utilized in pipes and transmission of Corrosive synthetic compounds because of it being a composite of Copper. Brass fitting supplier with lower level of Zinc, Higher level of Aluminum and Chromium, is exceptionally hearty to Corrosion, Oxidation and is constantly utilized in condition where the application can bomb because of rusting and can be likewise utilized in High Pressure condition.

The brass fitting supplier being a decent pliable and has an adequate acoustic properties it is appropriate for making melodic instruments like tubas, French horns, trombones, Trumpets and chimes.

In contrast to the iron, brass fitting supplier doesn't make sparkles when it is exposed to grating, where flashes can make a flame setback. Mechanical funnels conveying exceptionally inflammable gases and synthetic compounds are fitted with brass valves.

Brass predominantly contains copper and Zinc substance which makes it an effective antibacterial surface. The copper based paints going about as antibacterial are utilized in painting littler to bigger vessel bodies.

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