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Brass Swivel Fittings

The brass swivel fittings allows for perfect cooperation of the cleaning hose with the boom. It is thanks to him that every cleaner can go from one side of the car to another without any problem, because the boom rotates perfectly, and the cable reaches every corner of the dirty car. The 1 / 2x1 / 2 "brass swivel joint is excellent in terms of the material from which it was made. Brass makes the joint without rusting serve for several nice years. Brass couplings will be used in compressed air systems. They are characterized by a wide range of operating temperatures from -20 o C to 80 o C and maximum working pressure up to 15 bars. On sale we have straight, angled, tee, bulkhead connectors and accessories for connectors. The extensive offer means that you can build pneumatic systems in many configurations. The connectors are made of nickel-plated brass. All fasteners offered by us are available in various sizes.

Characteristics of Our Brass Swivel Fittings:

  • Available with configurations of Flare, Hose Barb and Pipe End.
  • Also available high flow couplers.
  • Long duration, which has a high level of resistance to corrosion that guarantees a long service.
  • Designed and threaded with full precision.
  • In addition to a very strong and reliable adjustment that ensures that the flow of water and other types of liquid is kept in complete control.
  • Offer a firm and secure grip, ensuring there are no leaks and that it substantially helps prevent the careless waste of water.

Benefits of Brass Swivel Fittings: 

  • Provides maximum connection and protection against leaks.
  • It is used in any place where the water hoses are connected and disconnected frequently.
  • Applications for these accessories include water lines, washing lines and mobile water tanks.
  • Ideal for extreme pressure applications.
  • Increase the function of the irrigation equipment through convenient ways to connect other devices such as nozzles, pressure washers, pipe fittings and more.
  • This swivel appears to be very robust. Heavy duty construction and well made. Does not provide the freedom of motion that the swivel connectors do but is better suited for impact tools than the swivel connectors.

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