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Management of special inspection

Management of special inspection
In some large and medium-sized machinery processing enterprises, for some need to detect the size of the parts, the use of general measurement tool is very convenient, or even simply can not be measured, you must design a dedicated inspection tool. But many enterprises do not pay attention to the management of the amount of special inspection, and some measuring tools are not open certificate, and not included in the cycle test, often after a period of time, has failed to continue to use for measurement, affecting product quality The Here, we introduce our experience in the management of the amount of inspection, for reference.

1. Design, manufacture and inspection of special purpose gauges
Management of special inspection

First of all, enterprises should be based on mechanical parts processing and measurement needs, designed by the design department with a dedicated inspection. Design process, should be designed to review, validation, design validation, and then according to ISO9000 standard documents and management methods management. If the design drawings need to be changed, they must pass the measurement department and the manufacturing department.

According to the design of the production of special inspection by the quality inspection department should be used to check the full inspection method. Inspection qualified application of steel engraved on the number, the number and the relevant measurement size, issued a certificate and then into the measuring library.

2. Dedicated inspection and inspection and inspection

The use of departments from the measuring library back to the new special inspection, should be immediately measured by the measurement room to confirm, register, change the card, issued a certificate before use. In the test certificate should be marked on the date of inspection, testing cycle and the validity period, so as to be included in the normal weekly inspection plan. The length of the test cycle should be determined according to the frequency of use, the use of the environment, the structure of the measuring tool itself.

3. Daily management of the amount of special inspection

Received from the measurement room to check the amount of special inspection, must be timely registration, recorded, and by hand management, strictly abide by the borrowing system. Management personnel need to be subject to weekly inspection plan will be checked for inspection, in exchange for a new certificate.
Management of special inspection

In the use of a certain amount of gage if there is abnormal or can not be confirmed, should be sent to the measurement room to confirm. Users usually have to be responsible for the daily inspection and maintenance of the amount of inspection. Relevant departments should also be supervised and assessed.

4. Dedicated inspection of the scrapped, recycling, use

The scrapping of the special inspection gage shall be recognized and recovered by the measuring room to prevent the flow into the production site.
Management of special inspection

For some special inspection because of complex design, manufacturing trouble or high cost, but only because a few parts do not meet the requirements of the retirement, or some grinding can be re-users, in order to reduce waste, the enterprise by the professional Technical staff special treatment. Such as reusable must be approved by the measurement room and issued a certificate.

Practice has proved that the self-made special inspection, such as attention to strict management, will be able to effectively guarantee product quality.

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