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Methods for improving the life of the regulator valve (8 methods)

Methods for improving the life of the regulator valve (8 methods)

Methods for improving the life of the regulator valve

1) large opening work to extend the life method
So that the beginning of the control valve as far as possible in the maximum opening work, such as 90%. In this way, cavitation, erosion and other damage occurred in the spool head. With the spool damage, the flow increases, the corresponding valve and then a little, so continue to damage, and gradually closed, so that the entire spool full use until the spool core and sealing surface damage, can not be used so far. At the same time, large opening work gap gap, erosion weakened, which is more than the beginning of the valve in the middle of the opening and small opening work to improve the life of 1 to 5 times. Such a chemical plant using this method, the valve life increased by 2 times.

brass regulator valve
2) reduce the S increase the working opening to improve the life method
Reduce the S, that is, increase the system in addition to the loss of the control valve, so that the pressure drop to the valve down, in order to ensure the flow through the control valve, will inevitably increase the valve opening, while the valve pressure drop Cavitation, erosion is also weakened. Specific methods are: valve after the orifice throttling consumption pressure drop; closed on the pipeline in series manual valve, to the control valve to obtain a better working opening date. It is very simple, convenient and effective to use this method when the valve is selected at the beginning.

regulator valve
3) Reduce the diameter increase the working opening to improve the life method
By reducing the diameter of the valve to increase the working opening, the specific methods are: ① for a small size of the valve, such as DN32 replaced DN25; ② valve body does not change, replace the small valve seat valve seat. Such as a chemical plant overhaul when the throttle dgl0 replaced dg8, life increased by 1 times.

brass regulator valve
4) Transfer the damage position to improve the life method
Transfer the damaged area to a secondary location to protect the sealing surface and throttling surface of the valve seat.

regulator valve
5) increase the throttling channel to improve the life method
The easiest way to increase the throttling channel is to thicken the seat so that the seat hole grows to form a longer throttling channel. On the one hand can make the sudden expansion after the closure of the closure of the sudden extension of the transfer from the destruction of the location, so that the role away from the sealing surface; the other hand, increased throttle resistance, reducing the degree of pressure recovery, Erosion weakened. Some of the valve seat hole designed to be stepped, wave type, is to increase the resistance, weaken the cavitation. This method is often used when the high pressure valve in the introduction device is used and the old valve is improved.

6) change the flow to improve the life law
The flow direction, the cavitation and erosion mainly play on the sealing surface, so that the core of the spool and the valve seat sealing surface are quickly damaged; the flow closure is directed to the direction of flow, cavitation, erosion After throttling, the valve seat sealing surface below, to protect the sealing surface and spool root, extended life. Pretending to open the use of the valve, when the extension of the life of the problem is more prominent, just change the flow can extend the life of 1 to 2 times.

brass regulator valve
7) use special materials to improve the life method
For anti-cavitation (broken shapes such as honeycomb dots) and scouring (streamlined trenches), use special materials for cavitation erosion and erosion to create throttle parts. This special material is 6YC-1, A4 steel, the Secretary too Lai, carbide and so on. For corrosion resistance, you can switch to more resistant to corrosion, and have a certain mechanical properties, physical properties of the material. This material is divided into non-metallic materials (such as rubber, PTFE, ceramics, etc.) and metal materials (such as Monel, Hastelloy, etc.) two categories.
brass regulator valve

8) change the valve structure to improve the life method
To change the valve structure or use a longer life valve approach to achieve the purpose of improving life, such as the use of multi-stage valve, anti-cavitation valve, corrosion-resistant valves.

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