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What is the difference between brass and copper hardness?

What is the difference between brass and copper hardness?

W-B75 / BB75 series copper alloy Webster hardness tester can be on-site testing of copper and copper alloy hardness instrument. Test quickly, simple, a card can be directly read out the hardness value, in line with China's color standard YS / T471, the US standard ASTMB647.

Can test profiles, pipes and plates, the test process without damage to the workpiece, without sampling. Especially for the production site, the sales site or the construction site of the product hardness for fast, non-destructive inspection.

W-B75 series of Wechsler hardness tester for hard brass and super-hard aluminum alloy material.

W-BB75 series of Wechsler hardness tester for annealing brass and copper material.

W-B75b, W-BB75b-type instruments are W-B75 and W-BB75-type instrument tube-specific, can test the diameter of more than 6mm fine pipe.

Standard hardness blocks are tested by standard hardness machines with test reports.


Check the heat treatment effect to determine whether the mechanical properties of the workpiece is qualified.

To determine whether the workpiece is made of inappropriate alloy processing.

The test is not easy to send to the laboratory too long, heavy work or assembly.

Distinguish the material hardness level. Judgment material annealing, 1/8 hard, 1/4 hard, 1/2 hard, full hard and other heat treatment state.

The main technical parameters

Range: 0-20HW

Accuracy: 0.5HW

Weight: 0.5kg

Standard configuration

Host 1 set

Standard hardness block 1 block

Correction wrench 1

Spare pressure needle 1

Small screwdriver 1

Instrument box 1

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