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What is the difference between the use of calendered copper foil and electrolytic copper foil?

What is the difference between the use of calendered copper foil and electrolytic copper foil?

(1) calendering copper foil quality and use: that the rolling copper foil by extrusion method to obtain copper foil, which is characterized by: good bending resistance, but the conductivity is weaker than the electrolytic copper, mainly used for clamshell camera camera The From the appearance point of view, electrolytic copper red, rolling copper partial yellow

(2) electrolytic copper foil quality and use: electrolytic copper foil As the name suggests is through the electrolytic method of copper ions adsorbed on the substrate and the formation of copper foil, so it is characterized by: strong conductivity, but the bending resistance is relatively weak.

3, rolling copper foil and electrolytic copper foil microstructure difference:

(1) calendered copper foil microstructure: not because of the same process, 1000 times under the microscope to observe the material cross section, rolling material copper atomic structure was irregular layered crystal, the heat treatment by recrystallization, it is not easy to form cracks, copper material Bending performance is better.

(2) Electrolytic copper foil microstructure: electrolytic copper foil material in the direction of the thickness of the columnar crystal structure, bending easy to produce cracks and fracture; the same, after heat treatment and other special processing of high-resolution electrolytic copper material cross-section observation, Columnar crystals, but in the copper layer to form lamellar crystals, bending is not easy to break.

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